Making Soup and Intelligent Chickens

Yes making soup tonight. But I just need to decide what kind.....

I've been working mostly on my college project today, and the question of "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Well I do believe I have found the answer!

Briefly, it's a matter of how humans and chickens are evolving as time passes. I reckon that in 100 years time jaywalking laws, present in many countries, are going to render us humans unable to use our own common sense to cross roads. Therefore a solution must be found for when technology breaks down and the pedestrian crossings fail.

The obvious answer is to train chickens to assist us across the roads, as they are famous for such journeys, and as far as I know there are far fewer chicken fatalities than human fatalities on the roads today. Also chickens are highly intelligent, more than capable of being trained for such a task, and are cheaper to train than dogs. Also if your chicken does happen to get run over, you just take it home for dinner.

So there you have it: "Why did the chicken cross the road?", well it's to assist us humans to get to the other side!

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