By wellsforzoe

Well broken

Since we discovered the water crises in some new areas, Harisen has got to work trying to find a quick but sustainable solution.
The options are spring protection, which is cleaning out, digging, building and enclosing a existing natural spring.
An alternative is refurbishing a well such as that in the picture and fitting a new canzee pump.
A bigger job is digging a new well, building a brick lining, making and fixing a concrete,cover and finally fixing a canzee pump.
Harisen was up at 4am yesterday morning and travelled about 300 miles to Salima to collect Cranfield masters student Ian Sutton to enlist his help in some well drilling.
Ian is evaluating some alternative techniques for his thesis, which hopefully will be a help to us.
When the arrived in Mzuzu with loads of pics the net was down and still is, hence the pic of the pic from July 2.
It portrays a common sight from Africa, where only about 20% of the pumps installed over the past 25 years actually work today.
The pumps are often too technically complex that they need constant back up of parts and expertise.
Malawians say, they come, put in the pump and leave. Everything is great. It works for a while and when it breaks down we have neither the parts or the knowledge to fix it
The Canzee pump is low tech, low spec, affordable and has only two wearing parts which can be replaced by village women in 5 minutes, and the only tool they need is a 4 inch nail or the equivalent.

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