The Last Dance...

perhaps! i love how these particular tulips are deciding to curl inwards instead of the usual outward flop!

Spent a few hours up at the Black Spoon B & B, in North Sydney, where we (The MammoWarrior Dragon Boat Team) are hosting what will surely be a spectacular event, tomorrow evening.... A Night At The Nunnery! Silent auction, music and entertainment, delicious food and of course a glass or 2 of wine.....all in aid of our fundraising activities! We moved sofas, chairs, tables, a humongously heavy bar and a alter from the Chapel....well you need something to put the wine glasses on!!! I can't remember what we raised last year - but i know it was a lot...we're expecting to top it this year!

It's been a rather splendid day here weather wise...sunny and the most glorious blue skies....with some pretty clouds thrown in there too!

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