By Viewpoint

Winscar Reservoir

I feel as though I'm juggling so many balls at the moment, so it's good we've had a break in the middle of the day for lunch at Totties Garden Centre. Our first visit, and very good it was too. The food, the plants and the views. It's recently been taken over by the son and daughter in law of our neighbours and we wondered why we hadn't been before. I think we'll return. I bought six lavender plants to go into the stone wall garden box (recently revamped by Merv), which I must go out and plant and Ann bought a purple Erysimum and a Rosemary. We've had both in the past and lost them. Having got so close to the moors we made another detour and headed for Winscar Reservoir above Dunford Bridge and were lucky with the weather - a mix of cloud and flashes of sun which helped to enliven a rather dead looking landscape. Our next print competition is `Atmospheric landscape' and I'm not sure this will make the final three. It looks better on screen than it does as a print.

p.s. I've just changed this image for a square crop. I saw it in the thumbnail and thought it worked much better.

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