... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Oxford: Greylag(ish) Goslings!

More quizzical in large ("L").

I found goslings! They're greylag goslings (well, the parents are domestic-looking wild geese, so are mostly greylags), and they've rather silly parents (both hissed at me casually), but they were lovely nonetheless. The mother has been slightly chewed on (her neck has a bite-shaped bald patch) and she was looking a bit pink in places (although a little blood goes a long way on a white/pale bird); I think that the ineffectualness of her and her partner's hissing explains how that happened. There was a mallard drake about 50m further along who was also missing a large chunk of feathers so something is obviously marauding along the Isis there...

The goslings were lovely (even if it has to be non-Goosle goslings...); I've uploaded a few others to my Flickr "wildlife" set (right from here).
Downy close-up
Preening (large and little)

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