Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Gold leaf

I've been sorting out photographs ready for the exhibition at the end of June. Herons will be one of the themes, so it was a nice coincidence to find them back in numbers staked out along the edge of the estuary as we did the evening coastal walk. There was a last minute re-appearance of the sun just before it dropped below the fells opposite, enough to throw a column of golden light across the rippled water. Wifie was late joining us as she was busy rescuing a family of 12 ducklings from the road coming out of Milnthorpe.

I've had a day at home while Wifie was doing the first day of her Tai Chi weekend. A pottering sort of day for me. Tomorrow needs to be much more organised, ready for a very early start on Monday (or else we could end up sleeping in the car waiting for the morning ferry).

We popped in to see Arnside Simon on the way back from Gus's walk. That made Gus's day, and we were pleased to see him looking well, if a bit whacked after a long day's work.

Update on Sunday: I've run out of time to put a blip on tonight, and my photo was anyway a virtual duplicate of one I did last year of an early purple orchid. Good news was hearing and seeing fleetingly a lesser whitethroat this morning at Heathwaite (Skylark 54 to take note, it's in a small scrubby field above Far Arnside). I also spoke to Auntie Sylvia in Australia this morning, and it was lovely to hear her voice so clear she might have been in the house next door. Tomorrow we start for Raasay early to be sure to arrive in time for the last ferry sailing from Skye. We will have no broadband where we are staying, so there will be no blips until we are back. I hope anyone reading this has a good week.

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