Big Hill

By bighill

Big Harbour....

It's been a pretty crazy few days....busy with an open house at the pottery, parties, visits with various family members.....and then the dreaded 4 hour shopping stint in Sydney......i get more exhausted dealing with shopping at this time of year than virtually anything else, it is just so crazy!

so this morning i took myself off for a quiet wander with my camera! It was totally wonderful to have a little time just looking around. I headed down to Big Harbour, one of my favorite spots....where it was so blustery, it was a challenge to keep the umbrella from whipping me off into the water, and trying to shot some shots with one hand.....well, that was pretty enteraining actually!

The tradition here on Big Hill is to head off into the woods, find a suitable tree and cut it down. Bringing it back thro the woods will be interesting i'm sure.....then it's on with the decorations!!! i'm think some eggnog and whiskey might be required to complete the job!! then it's getting all the other stuff organized for the festivities tomorrow evening when family and friends will get together here and eat, drink and sing a few carols!

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