Wet tulips

It rained a lot today. All things considered I didn't actually get that wet. These damp tulips were blipped on my way into work.

Work was hard and frustrating. We've got a load of new Dell computers that are so cheap and rubbish that we're having to fit extra serial cards into them because the on-board serial card is too unreliable. My work laptop battery has also died, I was told that the batteries are so poor in Dells that they wont offer us a 3 year warranty on them - the normal warranty of enterprise kit we but.

I spent several hours fighting with some old TT2 templates for an intranet application I wrote a decade ago that we;re having to upgrade. In the end I started to make progress but it was very frustrating in the morning when it wasn't working...!

I was delayed on my way home from work to allow a thunderstorm to pass. Then I went to the pool and go very wet as I did my lengths - only 750 metres today instead of the 1250 metres that I should do - but I was late because of the rain...

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