and soon to be moved into the same room at home

Four people in the same room, one of whom still squeaks regularly throughout the night when it wants milk, means that people can be quite tired by the time morning arrives, as interpreted by the one who no longer squeaks for milk but who thinks it's funny to try and quietly get out of bed and wake me up by grabbing my nose. Fortunately I heard his movement and was ready to open an eye warningly at him just before he pinched. Despite the presence of the clock and the absence of it yet being green the overwhelming brightness from the outside overrode it, resulting in increasingly futile attempts to get him to not crawl up beside his wee brother and start prodding him, keeping him and therefore everyone else awake when they might otherwise have been able to get back to sleep. Fortunately, the very little one had a sleep in the sling on the way to the party the big one had been invited to, and whilst the pavement beside a main road isn't massively relaxing it was at least relatively peaceful compared to the soft play centre at the end of the journey. Signage seemed to insist that adults were not welcome inside the contraptions, even if they were accompanying children round it until they got their multi-storey soft-play legs back, but at least there was very little loud music and the air-conditioning was new and efficient.

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