Relaxing Saturday

After a busy week, it is nice to relax, so here is a blip of London Road Gardens in the centre of the city.

The gardens were designed by William Playfair in 1819, one of the premier architects of the 19th century. They were created to provide an informal recreational space for the residents of the New Town, as well as preserving the views from Royal Terrace above. Playfair was also responsible for designing the streets and communal gardens in the area.

The gardens are also opposite the now forlorn near derelict Elliot House, where the organisation I work for used to be based, before we moved out to the Gyle business park (modern business park monstrosity!). When we were based in the centre of the city it was nice to wander in the gardens at lunchtime, either that or head up the road to visit John Lewis and Princes Street.

I hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend.

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