An early start on a bright morning and a trip into town mainly to present shop - which went rather badly. It was clearly a day for quirky conversations including a man and his dog at the bottom of Steep Hill who said 'It is steep isn't it?' I'm presuming it was his first visit. Then two painters a bit further on, one at the top of a ladder and one at the bottom, talking about squid and whether it was always chewy. I'm not sure what conclusion they came to.

I took quite a few shots on the way back up the hill, including lots around the front of the cathedral for a change. I liked the contrast of the restored stonework at this point but I didn't even notice the dogs and the horse's head at the time.

An afternoon of reading in the sunshine and an evening of catching up on telly missed during the week. There's definitely less pressure on a Saturday when there's two more days to the weekend.

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