The No

By TheNo


I don't like this policeman. Here's why.

1 - He tried to arrest my friend.
2 - In doing so, he nearly undermined a thoroughly good-natured demo yesterday in support of cleaners at the Royal Opera House who are striking over bullying and favouritism.
3 - (And undermining this seemed to be his only intent. He failed.)
4 - He seemed to choose her not cos of any wrongdoing whatsoever, but cos her drum made her less mobile, and thus an easy target.
5 - He dragged her by her arm towards his burly mates to, his words, "Talk to her".
6 - Surrounded by a crowd chanting shame on you, he and his mates eventually concluded they had no grounds to nick anyone and let her go. As I say, Keystone.
7 - He didn't know what he was doing.
8 - His mates didn't know what he was doing.
9 - He looks like Alan Pardew.

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