By RogMull

Focussing on the referendum..

I think this Blip needs a little explanation. First the focussing bit.

Most of my life, I haven't needed spectacles. But a few years ago I knew my eyes were not 100% so I went to an optician and got my first prescription for reading glasses.

However, when you have lived over 50 years of your life without glasses, and when you are as chaotic as I sometimes am, I kept losing them. A few weeks ago, I needed to buy another pair of specs, as, yet again, I had misplaced/lost them.

Just after this, I started finding my lost specs! One pair hidden in the car, another below the bed, and so it went on. I have now got 5 pairs of specs…and counting! Hence the specs in the photo.

Second, let me explain the Sunday Herald bit. Whatever your political preferences at present, there is no doubting the importance of the forthcoming referendum on Scottish Independence. I have no intention of blipping politically very regularly, but now and again I am sure there will be some images that will last. I think this is one.

Many had suspected that the entire media, and particularly newspapers, would be biased in favour of the status quo, not least because of their ownership. It was therefore pretty courageous of the Sunday Herald to break ranks and declare for a Yes.

I have also been astonished at some of the vile comments on twitter this morning about the Sunday Herald for daring to come out in this fashion. To me, it can only be healthy for democracy if contrasting viewpoints are fairly presented and if readers have a choice of positions to reflect upon.

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