Cows and calves

We went on a walk on 'memory' lanes today. Did the big walk we used to do with the dog at least once a day when we lived in Trinity Gask, over the ancient Roman Road up to the location of the Roman Ardune watch-tower and back through the woods towards the farmhouse. In spring the cows and calves arrived on their holiday address here, to fatten while lazing in this meadow. It's 9 years since we left, but nothing much has changed.

We saw buzzards, hares, ducks and a couple of deer, but I just loved this bunch of cows and their calves. Nothing much happens there, so a couple of walkers passing along is big news in cow land ;-) It used to be even more of an event when our Rover came running past. With this sky it also made me think of Paulus Potter's Bull and Cow paintings ;-)

By the way, 'talk about cows and calves - over koetjes and kalfjes praten' is a Dutch expression meaning 'making small talk'

I've got an album of more images taken during our walk here

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