By Rosemarie55

Kinnaber Viaduct and Bridge

Not a good night's sleep, but made it to the Fitness Studio nevertheless! After lunch had a walk out to the Kinnaber Viaduct. This rubble-built viaduct was opened in 1865 by the Montrose and Bervie Railway which carried the track over the River North Esk to the north of Montrose. The railway was closed in 1966, but in 2002 the viaduct was refurbished and re-opened as a footpath and cycle run.

The road bridge carries the A92 road over the River North Esk north of Montrose. It was built between 1770 and 1775 by the engineers John Adam, John Smeaton and Andrew Barrie. Of course, for horse and carriage - our transport is much wider today and it is one-way traffic now!

Actually took lots of blips plus a rather nice one of a chaffinch singing away at the top of a tree. The viaduct won the day. It is my favourite shot - I must have photographed it hundreds of times over the years!

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