Circle of the Seasons

By GCleare

Book Launch in Boston on Marathon Day

It was a day for friendship, new friends and old, and the energy of good will was positively throbbing in the air, everywhere. Runners were everywhere. Lean athletic bodies, light and quick, slipping into the elevator at my hotel to stand and stare into space, totally focused on the challenge ahead.

This is a photo from the book signing for REMEMBER BOSTON we did at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Boston, right near the finish line of the race. My photographer pal Doug Potoksky is on the left, and on the right is Michael Perchard.

Mike is an artist who made a wonderful blue paper collage out of clippings about the bombings and its aftermath, and he left it at the memorial site last summer. A photo of his collage appears in our book. We traced him through his signature in the bottom right corner, with a little Google detective work, and invited him to the book launch. Doug signed a special book for him and they posed for me.

Afterwards we went out for dinner at Legal Seafoods with my old friend Linda who I hadn't seen in ohmigod 40 years! We were best pals in college (that's "university" for you UK folks) but we lost touch. It was so great to see her and to rekindle our friendship.

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