By PinkRose

No sense, no feeling

Well today was D day for my big, back, sideways angled wisdom tooth. It was coming out and it was not going to be pretty.

We got to Reading early to avoid traffic and T found a little cafe right next door that did a full English. I love the look of glee on his face, as I just sat there contemplating the op ahead - I didn't have any appetite at all which was just as well since it was nil by mouth at that point!

The dentist was lovely, the sedation fantastic, the words I recall from the pre-op chat were: cut the gum, 3 stitches, difficult, close to your nerve and world of pain after day 3 followed by a list of painkillers.

Anyway all done now. T is looking after me, my face & jaw feel like they've been hit repeatedly by something heavy, are pretty numb & I am taking the painkillers! I'm not sure I will be going out for some time...

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