By hgpayne

Blue Ball is Back

We were gone on vacation a week or so ago and we had a pet sitter/house sitter for Süße. Somewhere during that time, Süße's blue ball went missing somewhere in the back yard. The pet sitter couldn't find it. The dog couldn't find it. When we got home, we couldn't find it. It was just gone. We figured it would turn up some day.

Today the gardeners came. They didn't do the backyard today (Süße's domain), just the front yard. Somehow this triggered a memory for Süße because soon she had retrieved the missing ball, from wherever it was. Only she knows. Wherever it was, it had gotten quite dirty. She spent the afternoon polishing it up so when I got home it was almost like new. She was quite happy to show me how it works in a game of fetch, so it got a bit dirty again. She's polishing it up now, for use later.

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