Taylor River Autumn

It was another very cool autumn day with the sun breaking through from time to time. The dogs and I enjoyed our walk. They stayed out of the water. Gypsy had to be dissuaded from doing another of her giant leaps down the eroded river bank into the water below.
It was great to stop and talk with other regular dog walkers. We all bemoaned the huge amount of damage that the recent storm and flooding has done to the tracks.
This view is looking towards “The Ned”, a prominent peak on Tempello Station in the distance. The trees are still clothed in their autumn colours although the leaves are now falling fast.
The Town is filling up fast for a busy weekend with lots going on. The St Claire Half Marathon is being held tomorrow. A very popular event with participants from all over the country, the route follows Wairau river stopbanks and runs through colourful vineyards. Good luck everyone! (My days of running marathons and half marathons are long gone. I now stick to walking!

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