By FourSeasoned

A year of transformation...

Little did I know that when my friend Farmfresh talked me into joining Blipfoto that I would be embarking on a transformation.
I have always taken photographs and for several years now have taken at least one camera with me at all times. What I didn't always do though was really look at where I was going with all of this photo taking. I became more critical of my own images and began to strive, not unlike in painting, for a way to create something that didn't just document but evoked some sort of emotion.
I am more in love than I ever was with photography and that was a direct result of my 365 experience on Blipfoto. It does take more time on some days than I think I have to spend but I so treasure seeing these images from all over the world. I would dearly love to list all of the connections that I have made but I fear that I would leave out someone important and that just wouldn't do!
These people have shared highs and lows, talent and creativity, personal stories and their lives. I certainly did not expect so much to come from one decision made one year ago.
Today's image to celebrate is an in camera double exposure symbolizing my year as a dragonfly...

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