Year 2, Day 109 - Googley-eyed... again!

Photoshopping for work all day again but finally got it done! I think I need a new prescription for my eyes though - struggling sometimes when changing from distance to close things again - last time that happened, I needed a new prescription!

I had the idea for this shot over the winter when we had no dandelions so perfect time of year now. It's quite tricky to set up though. I ended up having to pierce a hole in the seed bed and push the seed in with a pair of tweezers!

This was the only shot I got with the drop perfectly in the middle, almost round and with the flower perfectly placed in the drop. It was the first shot I took to test composition and flash and the background is maybe too in your face but this was the best I could do after working on it quite a bit to make it semi-decent!

The drop fell off after the first shot and I couldn't get another good drop. I gave up eventually as I have no patience tonight!

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