Motion blur

Intentional, nah, just got the settings wrong. Well they were heading straight for me and I wasn't ready (my story)!! There was much rumbling on the pond this afternoon between rival gangs and much squawking and chasing off of unwelcome visiting males, probably.

Its been cold, very blustery and wet all day so at least I didn't feel guilty about not going out apart from a quick walk around the nearby pond and got lots of inside jobs done interspersed with a cup of coffee and a lovely long telephone conversation and some giggles with fellow blipper Tigger101. I sent an e-card to another lovely blipper AnnieBScotland sending her and John belated congratulations on their wedding and got to have a chat with her just now.

Have to dash now though to get spruced up for the third of our evening wedding parties. Catch up with you all tomorrow.

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