By Rosemarie55

The Joking Computer

Had a meeting in Dundee today and started out early so I could spend a bit of time in the Science Centre. Took lots and lots of shots but this little boy playing the computer won the pick. I have uploaded another image today but something happened - maybe I didn't click "Publish" - and it never got uploaded. Positive side of that was that I had a chance to rethink which shot I would blip! The peak of my visit was the Mind Machine - which I didn't use!! The chap presenting it - it's a eeg cap you put on your head and it reads your brain energy - said they (the Boys in the Backroom I suppose he meant) had made a computer program where the brain energy could be translated into English. They have made a cap for dogs and the dog can tell it's master/mistress what it is thinking. The presenter said he wouldn@t want to know what his dog was thinking!

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