By eh7

nephews on the beach

I was hanging out at my brother's house this afternoon, had a bit of lunch, painted a thing with nephew number 2 and watched a bit of Pinnochio with number one, always get it mixed up with Dumbo. Now, I have an admiration, balanced with a sense of befuddlement, for people who live with children 24/7. I often think I would like to have kids and they'd be angels with dirty faces and better than anybody else's and never cause me any bother, but spend more than an hour in the company of a family unit and I'm ready to run to the hills, I'm an Aberdeen supporter after all. Things were getting out of hand in the flat, the sun was shining outside and here we were itching to do something but getting nowhere. Inflatable hammers were produced, heads were walloped, doors were slammed, dogs were dogs. Then all of a sudden here we were on a beach, nobody about save for the old dude catching octopus, the sun and the waves.

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