Rodents rule

By squirk

The Squirk g-pig gang

Well, my bike almost got the blip today because I cycled into work, mainly because the sun was shining and the Dulwich schools are on holiday so the roads are clear. But partly because Ken Livingstone made me feel guilty about leaving my bike at home. It takes me an hour to cycle to work, which is quicker than than bus. However, I can read on the bus. Hmmm... I really enjoyed the cycle today so I'll cycle as long as it doesn't rain. There's no fun in that!

But back to the subjects of today's blip. It's been 16 days since I joined blip and only a blurry Moschops has made it to Blipdom. So, please may I introduce, from left to right:

Big Sid - 14 months old, has the biggest guinea pig bum ever, loves dried food, and herding the ladies

Trick (nickname Cheeky Sock, no idea why) - 6 years old, quite an old lady now. She still has a spring in her step, but I think she misses Truffle who passed away age 6 in February. She tends to sleep a lot these days - she put her head down seconds after putting her on the rug! I gave her a bath shortly after this photo was taken and she's now wrapped up in a towel drying off on F's lap. She does get very grubby sleeping all day!

Moschops - 4 years old, extremely adventurous and energetic, likes climbing to the top of things (heads, knees, beanbags)

Sybil - 14 months old, partner to Sid. Sybil's looked death in the face and survived. She almost died in guinea pup birth - pup didn't survive and she almost didn't, then she and Sid ended up in the rescue place where I fell in love with her quiet nature and fluffiness. She's very patient and quiet, but can give any of the pigs a run for their money if they get on the wrong side of her.

Sid, Sybil and Moschops all went to the vet today for a second round of injections. All three have mites (yeeuuurrrgh!), except they're under the skin so not catching like lice. Trick has a cast-iron immune system so doesn't have any problems. The mites only cause problems when the immune system runs down, apparently. All three mite-infested g-pigs are finally getting better. Just one more round of injections to go!

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