Life is like a river

By Gunnlaug

Thinking of houses

Lots of progress on the bedroom and today we have new walls and a shiny white ceiling. Now we just need the crown molding, the new flooring, white paint and some work is still to be done on the windows and electricity.
The old ceiling in the kitchen has been removed and the repairing has started.

The wrist has been very stiff, painful and swollen today and the physiotherapist did her best to make it better. She even tried acupuncture! Hope it will be a bit better tomorrow.

I joined Agnes and Berglind for a lovely walk around town in the afternoon and then the bookclub met in Bláa Kannan in the evening. We had a really nice talk and decided our next book would be "Of Mice and Men" (even though we've read it before, most of us in high school) and then we'd meet at a restaurant in June.

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