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By chole33

Sochi - Curling

Today was our first day in Olympic Park (you need event tickets to get in). We got suckered into the very strange Coca-Cola 'brassiere'. Or at least that is what we decided to call it - it was a two-lobed inflatable 'tent'. Once inside you had to wait to move onto each section. There was no way to get out. There was lots of Russian speaking, and we were interested for about 15 seconds of the rather long time we were inside.

Once escaping we proceeded to find the torch, some street vendor snacks, USA house, and many other interesting things to watch. Then, onto curling! I particularly like Olympic curling because there are 4 sheets all playing at the same time. The US did not do well at all. But how can you be sad after seeing the Norwegians pants. I need a pair of those pants!

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