Welcome to Baile-na-Cille!

Last night we drove up to Ullapool. We left the car on the mainland this morning and travelled with our tandem on the ferry across the Minch to Stornoway. From there we cycled the 36 miles to Baile-na-Cille, our favourite guest house on the far west of the Isle of Lewis. We arrived at our destination just after 5pm, a little over 24 hours since we left our house yesterday.

We cycled in rain most of the way so arrived rather wet. However, the wind was not as strong as we feared and our recent fitness training seems to have paid off in that we were not completely exhausted at the end of the ride. (We have a much longer couple of Hebridean cycles planned for later in the summer, so this is good news.) The highlight of the trip over was coming across three female deer in the glen just before we reached Timsgarry. (I also won the two games of Scrabble on the ferry journey.)

My blip is of the welcome sign in the entrance to the guest house. I was the one who added the cartoon of us on the tandem a couple of years ago.

Exercise today: 36 mile bike ride from Stornoway to Timsgarry.

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