By wonderlust


One of my New Year's Resolutions is to get back on track with blipping. Once I found I was pregnant back in November, blipping came to a screeching halt. So did my photography hobby. I was tired, nauseaus, emotionally overwhelmed, and did I say exhausted? But the with the New Year, I welcomed the second trimester and thus new found energy. I really hope to get on track and stay on track.

So today was a quick blip, but a blip nonetheless. I love hippos. As a kid I hated having a stereotypical favorite animal like dolphins, horses, etc. So I decided to find a new favorite animal that would be unique and the hippo fit the bill. I don't have hippos everywhere in my house and I'll keep it that way. But I did get this hippo puzzle for Christmas. My husband put it on our mantle to display and I kind of like it up there for now. I look up and it reminds of the baby that is on the way.

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