limping carefully

As the daylight-occupied portion of the morning was unfortunately occupied in retrieving some sleep after the sleep-losing fuckwit-neighbour's-associates-based activities last night by the time we'd got outside and popped for something to eat it was almost starting to. Despite the semi-thronging hordes of people with unpleasantly harsh accents and far too many coats on it was still quite nice outside, though poor Nicky's wee feet don't handle slippy pavements very well and I'm slightly less able to provide a secure arm to grab than usual whilst my weird sitting-in-car-derived hip-ache injury-thing continues to affect my gait. As happened last year, we wandered past far too many shops needlessly opening just for the sake of it and the strange temporary bandstand erected directly in front of the permanent bandstand (I would have said "the perfectly good existing bandstand" but it might not be perfectly good) in the gardens. As ever, absolutely zero wishes to be anywhere other than safely away from the city centre during the most intense hours of purported celebration were expressed.

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