By FotoAlex

Immigration services

Funny story. I took a few (bad) pictures of a fence surrounding the immigration building, and a security guard on the other side of the fence shouted, "No pictures." I didn't hear him correctly at first, so I ignored him. He shouted again: "You can't take pictures here."

I said, "Sure, I can." I was on a public sidewalk, and the building was in view. He said I could not take pictures. Again, I said I could and that I would. So I took deliberate pictures of the building, fence and the flags outside.

He walked up to the gate and tried to intimidate me by staring at me. I simply took a few more pictures. I should have taken a picture of him, but I chatted with him for a minute and left to go to work.

Now I kind of want to go back there and take more pictures just to egg him on.

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