Heaven... I´m in heaven - NO

Seven... I mean Seven
Seven years I´ve put a blip up every day...
Seven years ago seems very far away
Since that day a lot has happened I can say

I celebrate seven years on blip today, or 7 times 365... I started 23 of May seven years ago. With two leap years it means my celebration here is today.

The morning was very misty and cold, but then the sun shone through and made for a lovely day.

I celebrated it with coffee and waffel in the park, and asked my blipfoto introducer Herr Klantz to take part. Thank You for showing me this site!

Thank You Joe
Thank You BB and G
Thank You Blipfoto
Thank You all blippers out there!
It has been great seven years!

One Year
Two Years
Three Years
Four Years
Five Years I didn´t celebrate...
Six Years

But the celebration blips I´m most proud of are:
1000 and 2000

The funniest thing I´ve experienced here on blip is:
Rudy with Blipalele
(Thank you Cabbagetree for reminding me :)

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