New Year, New Life

By jenpedler

Stray cats

I always feel sorry for un-neutered toms; they get into fights, they so often seem unloved.
There's one particular ginger tom who comes into the house and sprays if he gets the chance so if I see him I chase him off.
The other week my round-the-corner-neighbour noticed that he was limping and was knocking on everyone's doors to try and find out who he belonged to. It must be her who called the RSPCA. But hopefully, if he is a stray, he'll be found, neutered and rehomed. I don't recall seeing any of the other cats mentioned in this poster but I hope they'll find new, happy, homes too.
Of course, if it wasn't for the un-neutered tom who had it away with my daughter's cat after she came into heat for the first time I wouldn't have Chompuss...

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