If you have been wondering where my comments are, or why I've been back-blipping like a mad man (even for my 1500th blip). This image serves as explanation. I've been moving out of my office of nearly nine years for the last week. Several days from 8am till midnight (several of you may have received comments at 1 am or later).

I have never under estimated a task so greatly. What I thought would take a day, day and a half max, took me 5 complete days! I was so tired, I had to take a complete day of rest yesterday before taking the final load today.

Silver lining: we've lived in our house for over 32 years now. I am planning a huge series of give aways and trips to recycling to start planning for the day when we might move. Now, I have to spend time going through all of this and giving away stuff we don't need, and shredding records no longer necessary for the business. It's a daunting task...

One down, one to go!

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