The second half of life..

By twigs


It may have been ridiculously warm weather 10 days ago but it's definitley turned wintery today. Coldest night of the year so far, first frost of the year, cool temperatures all day. The met service say it's a 3-layer day - I've had that (and more) on most of the day. . . . but then I am a cold-sook! I've even dragged the sofa closer to the fire and added another duvet the bed. Toasty warm - that's what I like.

Other things.....

It's not often that you 'find' time but I did today. For the past 10 or so days I have been getting more and more agitated and stressed about an event that's coming up . I don't feel organised for it, I've struggled to get some answers I have sought and I haven't been sleeping well as a consequence. Then I realised that, despite my mind telling me that the event was next week, my planner/diary actually tells me it's the week after! I almost cried. Yay - a whole other week to sort stuff! The concerning part is how my mind ever came to get the date wrong - there just seems to be w-a-y too much going on at the moment and clearly some brain cells have mis-fired. Time for a few days away methinks.

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