By wingpig

young troublemakers

It's important to have an hobby.

It is equally important to try and do this sort of thing early in the morning before everyone else gets up rather than late at night when neighbours are likely to be coming in the front door. Then again the stair lights wouldn't be on at any other time to cast their pleasant green tinge upon proceedings.

At least it was friendly upstairs-but-one neighbour and direct next-door neighbours who have at least seen me wandering about with a camera before.

Although I don't particularly collect these I do tend to store them on top of the bathroom cabinet next to the pile of fresh bogrolls rather than throwing them immediately in the bin. For similar reasons ("I'll just put it down on this shelf and put it in the bin later. Honestly") I tend to collect small piles of junk all over the place which sometimes end up in the bin but which could equally be shoved into the back of a drawer or stuffed in a box of similarish things in a cupboard on the offchance that they turn out to be useful.

Every now and then a use is found for something and there is much rejoicing. At other times I have to stop whatever I was planning on doing on a weekend afternoon to 'help' Nicky sweep through our cupboards looking for things to bin and prevent her from chucking out anything she doesn't immediately recognise or deem immediately useful. Occasionally the large number of boxes of crap make it really difficult to find things which is why I had to turn a bicycle light into a continuity tester yesterday morning when I couldn't find my multimeter anywhere.

I also collect random bits of paper but not in a bad way. I'll only keep receipts for over a year if they're for something really valuable. Many things are now even kept in labelled files.

I was going to throw these away as soon as I'd taken their picture but ended up just putting them in a cupboard. Temporarily. Only for a couple of days so that I can take another couple of pictures of them.

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