Still Alive

By rinkkasatiainen

One kudo kard left from #itakeunconf

By no accident, I left one kudo kard for home.

For there's so much to say, and only so little room on the card. Thus, may this be my kudo card for the whole Mozaic Works crew.

I want to thank you for the great event. And the word great does not even describe anything, least my feelings. So, I'll try again.

For me, the best part of a conference are the coffee breaks. The moments when I'll get a better chance to hang around with people (both old and new friends). The moments when I can connect with people.

That's what I find I T.A.K.E. is about - a community event where I, and everyone else, can connect with each other.
I'm thinking about a soup. A soup with great ingredients (participants) and tasty flavours (inspiring and high quality talks) in large enough pot. Stir the soup with care and everything is possible - just what you did!

That is what I want to thank you for - for creating an environment where we could connect with each other and learn from each other. Learn together.
Since learning together - as a community, while building (emotional) connections within individuals - that gives me the greatest pleasure and is the most energizing for me.

And yes - the whole conference did meet my expectations with flying colors.

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