Ox eye daisy

Good day today. Our in-laws left without a hitch and made their way back to Normandy - not that we were tired of them - just it's nice that they left without forgetting anything...

After breakfast we went for a nice 2 hour bike ride. Lots of cyclist out and about on the roads today, even more than usual of late.

After the bike ride I mowed the rear lawn, then took some pictures of the front lawn (which does not need mowing), then did the ironing, by which time it was time for dinner. So all in all a pretty productive day.

Today's blip is was a tough choice as the wildflower lawn at the front of the house is a good source of images to blip. This ox eye daisy won because it's got just enough DOF for the main flower with the rest just subtly out of focus. I could have tarted it up even more, but I settled for a colour balance and crop to put the flower head into a more pleasing position.

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