Any Excuse

Wouldn't have taken much more to persuade me to squeeze in a sicky this morning.

Soaked to the skin by this point (well done BBC Weather, you got it wrong again), dodging three trucks, then having to wait for the tipper driver to notice that there was still cyclists and others using the route they'd conveniently dumped hundreds of tonnes of type 1 hard core on, then skiting over the loose chips negotiating a path through.

Guess that's them "ensuring everyone affected by the project is aware of what's happening in their areas in advance of any work being carried out...", though I must've missed the signs telling us that this was arriving, along with the warning signs that you'd have to negotiate a working construction site for the next wee while whilst SP Networks build their huge big camouflaged pylons in the fields around this spot.

Might be safer playing with the Scalextric lane switching morning rush hour traffic over on the main road 'til this is gone.

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