Drink and ride

Well, had to pick up the bicycle and what better season to do it than winter, which will soon dwindle away. So woke up early, tried to clean the bike and fill air into the tyres. And as it turns out, I developed a leak. The air I filled into the tyre started filling the pump until it all fizzled out!

Adda was supposed to join me too, but as it turned out, he was snoring away after his great day of eating. I woke him up at 6:30, rushed over to his place which will be about 1.5 km away and borrowed his bike. Thanks, A.

I was joined by a good friend and ex-colleague, R (almost an ex-boss) and we cycled about 45 km. It was good fun and much easier than I had imagined. Though we did take a break in between, more to catch up on things than anything else, it was something the body could easily have done without! That's much more than I expected.

S is out on some recruitment drive in her office, and so, for the first time I have the privilege of going to Adda's place for lunch. Hoping he won't make bland food to compensate for yesterday. :)

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