By hgpayne

Segway Tour

Today was our Balboa Park Segway Tour. We went with a group of friends to downtown San Diego to take a Segway Tour using a coupon we got on Groupon.

Since our house is in turmoil (having floors redone), lots of my stuff is piled in various places. One such item is my GoPro. Last Segway Tour I strapped the GoPro to my head and took some pretty cool video. I also had my pocket camera and snapped a few shots along the way too. Since my GoPro was buried, I figured I could get enough shots with the pocket, and that would be good enough. Sadly, this tour company had a rule: No taking pictures while on the Segway -- which is where we were most of the time. This photo was taken with my camera, by the tour guide. I'm the schmo on the left.

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