Just another summery Scottish Saturday.

Was looking forward to a nice wander today, not been getting out and about with the camera as much as I'd like the past wee while, but the (very much predicted) weather moved in and chased the cricketers at the nearby club back to the clubhouse and me back to the car as the ran started to fall.

Was feeling pretty miserable after that, doubly so when Samantha duped me into doing the grocery shopping and shoving a trolley around in amongst the other grumpy feckers. Cheered up no end though when we got to the drink's aisle and discovered there was a Scottish beer festival being promoted. Lots of new breweries and bottles to try, took me right back to the days of Pick-n-Mix in Woolies when I couldn't decided what to Pick-n-Mix then either. Got there in the end though.

Nothing for it now but to wait for some of those to chill, choose a movie, and veg out on the sofa for the evening with some savoury nibbles thrown in for bad measure.

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