By matthewmcg


I recently watched a video on wedding photography. The video was narrated through by a photographer called Joe Buissink. I had never heard of him up until today.

No this image is not wedding photography. But what I learned from watching Joe's video was how he captured expression in each of his wedding shots. He said he likes to 'capture the moments between the moments'. All of his photos seemed to show the pure 'feeling' and emotion behind each moment. The grooms face as he see's his bride walking down the isle. Their first kiss as husband and wife. The page girl smiling as she feels all important in her wee dress. It kinda got me thinking...

So after watching it I got my camera and asked my little brother and foster sister if they wanted to 'play' out in the garden. Im highlighting play here as previously I would ask them to come out and help me take photos I would try and instruct them to act like they were playing for the pure purpose of taking photos.

Joe's video has taught me that this is the completely wrong way to go about this. Sure instructing your models in order to get what shot you are after is important. But here I was just really after capturing emotion and expression. Hopefully showing the happy and fun feelings the kids were having as they played out in the garden.

I think i have found a new way to go about taking photos of people. This was my first try, and I have to say that personally I am so much happier with the results. Maybe not from a quality point of view, but for me, it shows more feeling. I also tried to capture a sense of speed in this again by using and practicing my panning shots.

I recommend watching Joe's video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00K7pBWOInk

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