By trisharooni

MonoMonday - Mail Boxes

This has turned out to be a very topical MonoMonday, as it's recently been announced that because the volume of mail is so small services will likely be three days a week, and if you want more you'll need to pay.

When I was a child there were eleven deliveries a week, two each week day and Saturday morning.
And the postie always blew his whistle.

As a matter of interest I think most people in Australia would refer not to mail boxes, but to letter boxes.

This letter box is a neighbour's and is very old.
The numerals 206 have been carved in wood at the very top, and the sign behind is now largely obscured with age, but says, I think, Flower and Market Garden.
Its hey day would have been early last century.

Remnants of an orchard and rows of daffodils still exist.

Coincidentally, you can see my neighbours in front of the letter box here.

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