Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Window on the World

The window in the middle (first floor, curtain drawn) was my first room away from home. I moved in ten days after my eighteenth birthday and stayed there for my first year of university.  Fellow blipper @Nort00 was about four doors down on the other side of the corridor and together we were one eleventh of the Lonsdale B-Annexe badgers, although that's a story for another time.

I ended up staying at Lancaster University for nine years and indeed my life has been a university life ever since;  this window symbolic of the transformative power of education.

I was back at Lancaster for a work meeting today. The university is celebrating it's 50th anniversary and the built part of campus has at least doubled in size since I finally left the place twenty years ago.  I've been back a few times since, but I still get surprised by what has changed. There has been some demolition as part of that change, but it's reassuring that my humble study bedroom is still there.

Bonus of the day: first Large Skipper of the year in one of the meadow areas at the southern end of the campus.

Postscript to yesterday's Warhorse blip: Mrs Sgwarnog has blogged about it too.

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