A Meandering Life...

By Skeena


It was hard picking today's blip. I had 2 to choose from, this one won out and the other can be seen on Flickr.

I went for this version because it looks as if the guy is up in the heavens, semi silhouetted against the sky. Truth be told he is just 30 feet up.

The llailandii trees being chopped down have a checkered history over the past few years. A stolen car was dumped next to them before being set ablaze. This set the first tree alight.

The dead burnt tree stood there for a year or so before falling over onto a parked car. Taking one llailandii out of a row leaves you 1/2 a bare tree next to it. So all of them came down today. Not a moment too soon, they're far too big for gardens here. I now get more evening sun!

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