Doodle Mom

By niserise

Labradoodle #2

My little girl doodle Charlotte was a little jealous that I had posted a photo of her sister, so I thought it was time to include Charby in the mix. She is honestly the calmest, sweetest, most wonderful dog I've ever had; other than her sister of course. Being a doodle mom has been a beatiful blessing in my life, I'm very lucky.

After the sad loss of my Jack Russell Terrier 4 years ago, I told my friend Scott that I didn't want another dog, because the heartache of losing another dog was more than I would be able to handle. He said, "Nisey, dogs are going to continue to be born, shouldn't they have someone like you to love them, and give them a happy life?" He was so right! Without his comment, and support, I may not have had the pleasure of having two great, loving girls in my life.

Thank you Scott, I love you my friend. And thank you to Charlotte and Leura, the doggie loves of my life.

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