By reenix

Curiously day

Picture: Invisible

The day started well, I pulled a pair of pants which I have not worn long, very long. In the pocket I found a bill. My mood got into the positive. The day still planned a barbecue with good friends and a meeting with another great friend.

But then it went downhill steep:

A friend forgot our appointment, which made me a bit angry at the moment because I was really looking forward. --- Sorry, I was so rude to you. I was just sad. ---

I got a call: My great-grandmother died.

Shit day!!

Strange things also happened:

I saw a man who sweeps his grass with a broom. Confusing.

The barbecue was beautiful! Thanks again for the invitation!

On the way home we were stopped by a man who believed we were burglars, but he told us after 2 sets of information about us already of his motorcycle and his wife and he wanted to borrow us his motorcycle helmet. Crazy.

Good that this day is over.

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