Having spent much of the working day yesterday mopping at my nose and shielding my colleagues from the liquid/vaporous germ-laden output (if not the noise) of my many sneezes I was fully expecting to wake up feeling shite about the nose, throat and face this morning and was not disappointed, in fact waking up several times before normal waking-up time needing to blow my nose and snuffle self-pityingly. I should really have not been at work yesterday to avoid spreading anything (and to avoid exacerbating the symptoms by means of the dry. warm air with which the office is filled) but compromised by not going in today, instead spending much of the time attempting to reclaim some sleep and trying not to swallow too often. Doubtless helped by plenty of cool, moist air and almost an entire bogrollsworth of nose-blowing I felt considerably less shite by the time the evening arrived, and a restorative walk in the nice cold outside means I should be back to normal-ish tomorrow and able to achieve things when sat in front of a keyboard rather than impaired by the absence of the second pair of hands and arm with which to attend to my nostrils. Even a little short pair of arms with tiny claws on the end like a T. rex would be sufficient for nose-blowing, leaving the proper hands and arms free to type and mouse-click. Possibly arthropod-style pedipalps would suffice, also being handy for allowing feeding to take place whilst working, something lots of employment overlords would also consider useful, productivity-wise.

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