By Carscribe

Le Mans pit stop

Night-time above the pits at Le Mans. While those with less dedication head for their beds, some of us stay up through the night to watch the endurance racing cars howl their way through the darkness. If you're camping, or even if you're glamping in a smart motor caravan like we are, there's not much chance of sleep here anyway. The night is constantly punctuated by shrieking engines roaring past every few minutes.

A favourite late night trek enjoyed by Le Mans stalwarts is to head out to view the action near the Mulsanne Straight, or at Arnage bend, where the cars' brakes glow red-hot in the dark. There is so much about this race that fascinates and enthrals.

As I write this Toyota is leading the race, with Audis in second and third places and Porsches lying fourth and fifth. But there's still a very long way to go, the race is not even half run yet.

Thanks to Audi, we're watching the night action from a wonderful lounge with a viewpoint directly over the pits, giving us a fabulous view of the pit stop action below. It's much too exciting to even think of heading for bed!

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